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yoga detox
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 November 2018

Start and end the day with a Japanese Meridian Yoga class

7am to 4pm each day

Retreat Style Educational Program

Detox for Balance meals included


A short course to take you beyond the yoga class

Our two-day Foundation of Japanese Yoga course is all about learning more about yoga, Japanese style, meridian yoga that is all about HOW YOU FEEL.

Take your love of yoga to the next step.   Surrender yourself to a weekend of Japanese yoga and get a taste of what goes on behind our unique teaching practices to find out a whole lot more about yourself and what makes you and your body feel good.

With a better understanding of why you are feeling this way, you will get more from your time on the mat each week.  Join us on the ride to find your inner yogi…read more

Foundation of Japanese Yoga – 2 day short (but unforgettable) course

Whether yoga journey is just beginning, or you’ve been on this path for a while and feel a bit lost, our Foundation of Japanese Yoga course and senior level teachers will help find your way.

Discover why some postures are harder for you than others.

Find out a little bit more about the history that formed the practice of yoga and see for yourself how relevant those same ancient messages are today.

Our Foundation of Japanese Yoga course takes place over a weekend. Each day begins with a strength and vitality meridian yoga class, where you’ll be guided and instructed by our teachers, all with years of experience in their own practice as well as teaching it to others.

Be supported, challenged and uplifted and further your practise in just two days.

Think of it as a mini-retreat in Sydney, for just $399 you will get breakfast and lunch on both days, loads of yoga and mindful exercises as well as meridian discussions and insights into the 5 Elements.

At the end of the weekend, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for a $200 discount if you further your studies to our accredited Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching course to become a certified yoga teacher!

Many people aren’t sure whether they’re “ready” for a Teacher Training Course, which is why our Foundation Courses are so popular. During the training weekend, you’ll experience a sample of what our Teacher Training students commit to on a 780-hour course. You will be surrounded by a community of like-minded yogis and The Yoga House trainers with years of experience. You’ll be able to ask a question that may be burning bright in your heart, the question: “Am I Ready?…”

  • Recognised qualification: The Yoga House Letter of Completion (16 hours)
  • Course fees: $399. Participants receive a $200 discount off any future Nationally Recognised Teacher Training course at The Yoga House
  • Email us here or call us at 02 9817 0078

Foundation course outline

  • What is Yoga?: An introduction and brief history of the tradition and philosophy of yoga
  • Insights into being a yoga teacher: Specific instruction and training and how we use yoga moves and breath to change the way we feel
  • Adjustments Clinic: Dissect asana adjustments in order to understand how yoga teachers achieve alignment and correction
  • Breath work: In this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about pranayama and how to use the breath for a therapeutic effect.
  • 8 directions of energy: Examine how the laws of the universe also govern our body’s shape and functionality.  Feel the meridian experience and how it will revolutionise your practise
  • Find Your Voice: Take a leap of faith and see what it’s like to actually teach yoga. You’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Level 1 – Introduction to Zen Shiatsu

Level 2 – The Hara & Back Routine

Level 3 – Neck, Shoulders & Stretches

Level 4 – The Complete Treatment


In these 4 practical workshops you will gain the knowledge and confidence to share this comprehensive, wholistic massage and bodywork therapy with others.

read more

About your trainer Lisa Masters

Lisa holds qualifications in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Remedial & Oriental Therapies, Remedial Yoga Therapy and Zen Shiatsu Therapy. She has been treating people with various conditions including Bells Palsy and stroke victims, cancer, MS, Parkinson Disease, sporting and musculo-skeletal injuries, digestive disorders, depression and anxiety over her 26 year career.

With an extensive knowledge of Oriental therapies, the Qi meridians Lisa’s treatments encompass both Western and Eastern philosophies to the benefit of every client creating a complete holistic treatment package for body, mind and spirit. Lisa has a passion for health and passing on her extensive knowledge to students with techniques that forms this unique bodywork therapy.

What is Zen Shiatsu?

Zen Shiatsu is a unique and gentle form of bodywork that balances the energy in your body.

Based on Eastern philosophies and methods of healing, shiatsu treats the meridian pathways within the body that channel Qi energy … our life essence. You experience this energy when you move, breathe, eat and digest your food, think, feel and communicate with the world around you.

If the energy within the meridians gets blocked or is not moving and stagnate, it can result in physical, psychological and emotional imbalances. Zen Shiatsu helps re-balance your energy on all levels, while enjoying a clinically therapeutic musculoskeletal treatment.

When part of your body is energy-deficient, and not pulling its weight, other areas of your body have to work twice as hard to pick up the slack. The goal of zen shiatsu treatment is to energise these deficiencies, thus allowing the symptoms of over activity so that you feel your natural state of relaxation.

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