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Continued Professional Development Courses
… for yoga teachers and new graduates of all forms of yoga

12 month Yoga Teacher Mentoring Programmes

A three-part series of mentoring session with The Yoga House read more

Our yoga teacher mentoring is a unique programme for qualified yoga teachers who are actively teaching yoga or looking to restart a career.  Mentoring provides support, further training and connection to a community as you develop and refine your yoga teaching.  Mentoring can help you increase confidence, find direction and expand your business as a yoga teacher.

This programme can also contribute towards your Continued Professional Development points.

Topics covered:

  • Use of language and vocal skills for teachers
  • Remedial Yoga Therapy class sequencing
  • Utilising diagnostic skill into class development and adjustments
  • Advanced teaching skills for speciality areas
  • Your role as a yoga teacher and managing a studio
  • Teaching feedback, constructive critique and trouble shooting
  • Building community of peers
  • Communicate and work effectively in the health care industry
  • Opportunities for reflection, discussion and peer review to improve professional practice

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology Courses

Traditional Yoga Teacher Training has not included this vital knowledge of the human body. As the practice of yoga is now more readily accepted into the Health Care Industry, yoga teachers are expected to understand the correlation of the structures and functions of the body with the yoga that they teach.

Our courses in Anatomy & Physiology and Pathophysiology are designed to give you a sound understanding of the human body as well as the influences that can be instrumental to the balance or homeostatis that all living things require.

Our trainers hold certificates of competency in these subjects and the courses are available with face-to-face short courses or distance learning delivery options.  Call us today to discuss your requirements and help us find a course that is right for you.

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