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nationally Recognised training


What makes our Yoga Teacher Training unique?

  • Government tick of approval with an ASQA accredited course
  • Intensive asana study and training
  • Supervised “on the mat” teaching experience
  • Comprehensive 760 hour training programme
  • Study with Industry Leaders 
  • Health & Community Health Services Industry Qualifications
  • Transferable further education skills
  • Full yoga postures and class teaching manuals

teacher training

The highest recognised qualification you can achieve in Yoga Teacher Training.  A course that gives you a strong foundation as a yoga teacher, gaining knowledge and experience through practical experience.

We breathe, we eat, and we move.  Sounds pretty simple but these are the only things in life we really can control for a healthy, happy life.  To teach this to others we first focus on making YOU well.  Once you are on the way to optimal health we will show you how to share this with more


Course Description

The Yoga House 12 month 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teacher training course is one of Australia’s highest industry recognised qualifications in yoga teaching.

This course is designed to develop your personal understanding of yogic physiology, Japanese Remedial postures and traditional asanas. This knowledge is extended with practical training in the skills required to teach Japanese meridian yoga to a group.

The 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching qualification is registered with Yoga Australia Level 1 and is an ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) Nationally Accredited Course and Training Program. This ensures students receive the highest level of professional training and education.

This course includes a high level of face-to-face learning and supervised teaching experience, all in an established yoga studio and health care centre. You will be guided and trained in the most important aspects of teaching and meeting client’s needs, including injury recovery, physical restrictions, pregnancy, development and age restricted requirements.

The 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching course meets the standards set by the Australian Qualifications Framework for quality assurance ensuring the required professional training to successfully work in as a Remedial Yoga Teacher in the Complementary Health Care Industry.


10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching is delivered in 37 weeks over a 12-month period with holiday breaks.  During the term students are required to attend learning sessions two evenings or one day session per week.

No Exams

This is vocational training, much like you would receive if you started a new job.  Assessments for this course are conducted using a combination of realistic simulated workplace tasks, supervised demonstrations, class teaching, knowledge quizzes, professional discussions and case studies.

Entry Requirements

Our entry requirements as simple.  Bring your love of yoga and helping others with basic language, literacy and numeracy skills and become more than just a yoga instructor, become a Remedial Yoga Teacher!

For more information on this course, call our free Student Advisory Service on 9817 0078 or email to arrange a call back or appointment time.

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It took me a long time to make the decision to do the course to become a yoga teacher, but I’m so glad I actually went ahead and started the course.  I am loving every moment it. The teachers are so fun and very dedicated.

We are learning not only to be the best yoga teachers we can be, but so much more valuable information which we will carry on through the rest of our lives. Thoroughly recommend it!

Viv AdamsStudent 10137NAT Cert IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching
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