• Remedial Yoga Therapy Training in Sydney
    • Soon in Melbourne and regional NSW
    • Nationally Accredited Yoga Therapist Qualification

Remedial Yoga Therapy course including:

  • 5 element theory & nutrition
  • Yin & Yang
  • Conservation of Energy Theory
  • Japanese meridian postures, movements
  • 8 fold yoga path diagnosis tools
  • Oriental diagnosis including tongue, face, back, hara & pulse
  • Anatomy & Physiology through Yoga
  • Pathophysiology & the Levels of Health
  • Success for Remedial Yoga Practices in the Complimentary Health Industry
  • Professional Development

Yoga Therapists help people with their mental and physical health by improving functionality of the body and structural stability.  

“What other job can have you leaving work at the end of the day feeling better that when you arrive” Lisa Masters

This extensive therapist level course is accredited as an Advanced Diploma with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

A Study in Health with a unique approach.  In Remedial Yoga Therapy the health of the mind and body are monitored and improved through manipulating the breath, traditional yoga movement and the balance of energy flow (Qi Meridians).

Learn how to achieve a therapeutic effect with classic asanas and movements with changed focus and adaption in body positioning.

Whatever yoga you love, you can utilise the theory of Remedial Yoga Therapy into your practice and teaching.  This course is your ticket to a successful, professional career helping people in their general health and dealing with chronic illness and injuries.

This course is delivered at The Yoga House using a combination of one-to-one and group theory and clinic based study and workplace practice.  Your workload is spread across four main activities: Face-to-face training, Assessment, Self-paced study and Workplace training.  The face-to-face training is designed to be delivered over 24 months.

Call our Student Advisors for more information or come in to discuss your new career in the Complimentary Health Care Industry.


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