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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

A yoga journey as individual as you are…

Explore your journey begins

Discover as you want to know more

Get Qualified Professional yoga teacher training

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Our journey often begins with a yoga class to relieve stress, to improve our health and well-being, only to realise that we simply LOVE the way it makes us feel.  So, we start to look for something more, to find out why.  Sound familiar? read more

Maybe it is time for you to Explore, to learn how to improve your practise whilst building strength and flexibility – so you can nail that posture or sequence.

The more time you spend on the mat, the more questions you have!  The search continues.  You want to Discover what is going on behind the postures, to build a greater understanding of yourself by understanding the yoga itself.

And if you are reading this, you may have already asked the question – Can I become a yoga teacher?  Our answer to this is always the same – if you love it, you can teach it.

It is all waiting here for you, to do at your own pace; with affordable, interest free, monthly payment plans.  Call our advisors today on 02 9817 0078 and talk directly with our teaching faculty – we are never too busy to talk yoga.

So now you need a flexible learning pathway, a yoga teacher training course to Get Qualified and start your dream career.  You are looking for the stability and professionalism that comes from a registered training organisation, but with a love of yoga that can only come from genuine yoga teachers who share yoga in a working studio.

No matter what stage of the yoga journey you are in, The Yoga House has a course or study pathway to suit you, your lifestyle and just as importantly, your budget.

Having made their own yoga journeys, our training faculty understands your search and will be there to help with guidance through flexible delivery programs.

Qualified Yoga Teacher Training


Your yoga journey begins… 

Find a healthier, happier you with an exploration of the asanas, yoga moves, postures and breathing techniques – Japanese Remedial Yoga (JRY) style.

Working with the body’s innate ability to heal itself, you will explore yoga through the meridians of the body (yep, the same ones as acupuncture), to not only improve your yoga, but balance your body as more

When the mind, body and spirit are balanced, your body is healthy – you feel well, calm and open to the world around you.  Learn and feel the meridians whilst exploring over 100 core JRY postures.

Step 1 of your journey is a 200+ hour industry registered practical yoga study program. This 16 week course includes up to 100 hours face-to-face learning.

Take this course for self-development, to learn just how wonderful you can be.  And with more time on the mat, you may begin to see a clear pathway to a professional yoga teaching career and Explore will give you a taste of what yoga teaching is all about.

Professional Yoga Teacher Training


You want to know more…

Exploring your yoga practise has brought you to the point of wanting to know more, wanting to understand what it is that makes you feel so good and how to make your home practise as good as the classes you more

To understand Japanese Remedial Yoga and why it changes every day, for every season, this course looks at different philosophies including the way energy works in you, and the world around you.

To learn more about life energy you will discover what Yin & Yang is all about because it’s not just a symbol – it’s a blue-print for life.

Discover and understand this plan by studying the 5 elements and qi (energy) meridians, how they influence the way we look, our shape and the way our body functions.

Step 2 on your journey will take you further along your pathway to teaching with a 150 hr registered course with up to 80 hours face-to-face and includes 5 element nutritional and macrobiotic (wholefood) dietary study.  These ancient theories are still relevant today and you will learn that when combined with the movements and postures, we make Japanese Remedial Yoga – a true yogatherapy.

Step 1 and 2 combine to complete a 350+ hour industry registered practical yoga teaching program with as much as 180 face-to-face learning included.

Nationally Recognised Yoga Teacher Training

Get Qualified

Professional yoga teaching qualifications

Now take all the skills and knowledge you have gained on your journey of Explore & Discover to form the foundation of a Government & YA registered training accreditation – 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga more

This is a professional level course, where you will expand your knowledge of the yoga and learn how to share it with others.  Build on the 120 core JRY postures by learning to teach 5 Element seasonal classes with meridian based adaptations.

Japanese Remedial Yoga teaching is a profession that is recognised not only in the fitness industry, but the complementary health care system too.

You will learn about body systems, what makes them healthy and how to maintain them, understand what makes the body work, how we move, produce energy and how we breathe.  Through this understanding you will have the skills to help others – which is why you wanted to be a yoga teacher in the first place!

This course is a professional package that includes business studies, how to reach your clients in the digital age and how to develop and maintain successful occupational relationships.

Vocational accredited training for the 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching is Australia’s highest level of yoga teaching qualifications.

Steps 1 & 2 now combined with a 350 hour professional yoga teaching package.  This course will give you a 100 hour yoga teaching methodology program with teaching experience and includes a professional competency package of online, self-face home study and face-to-face learning.

Nationally Recognised Training

Only a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is registered to deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications.

The Yoga House (RTO 45020) is the only registered training organisation able to deliver the government accredited training course 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching in Australia.

What does this mean?

The Yoga House delivers nationally recognised training in yoga teaching that is accredited in the Health Training Package.  These training courses are also registered with Yoga Australia and Yoga more

This means that the qualifications you receive are the highest level in yoga teaching in Australia and internationally recognised as a course set by the Australian Qualification Framework.

To find out more about training organisations and if they are registered to provide nationally recognised training please visit or or ask your student adviser at The Yoga House.

All our programs are registered with Yoga Australia ensuring industry approval and membership guarantees.

The Yoga House, College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu.  Teaching, training and guiding successful yoga teachers and therapists since 2000 with qualifications that are recognisable all around the world.


Great to see you on Facebook. Cannot speak more highly of the amazingly talented and wonderful Lisa and Lyn. The Yoga House Rocks !

– Graham Monroe

Since suffering a major heart attack, I spend a lot of my time making sure that I keep a good level of fitness. Recently I decided to start yoga, after having one lesson at beginners class at the Yoga House I appreciated how good it was for me and how much I enjoyed it. Im already feeling it do me a world of good.

– Denis Hamill

I feel very blessed to be a part of your Yoga House it makes me a better me, every single day, and I just love it. Lyn and Lisa are very special to me and my family.

– Bec Newman


I want to learn more about yoga but I’m not sure about teaching it?

  1. Many of our teachers never thought they would be teaching, they just signed up to learn more about this great yoga.  Teaching yoga is fun – but if it’s not for you then, the experience and knowledge you will gain with a remedial yoga teaching course at The Yoga House is just as much about personal development as it is vocational training.

What is the difference between a yoga teacher versus an instructor?

There is more to teaching yoga than just showing others how great your yoga is.  Teaching yoga is a combination of the skills you learn in your teacher training course and your general life experiences.  A good teacher training program should give you the knowledge and experience to teach groups of individuals – because that is exactly who you will be teaching in a class.

Can I make a living from being a yoga teacher?

Yes you can.  With vocational training, you can be job ready. Job ready means the course you complete includes all the skills and knowledge to be confidently employed. There is only one government registered yoga course in Sydney, ( –  The Yoga House, Registered Training Organisation ensuring the highest level of training in Australia.   Do your research of the courses on offer and make sure that you are getting what you need to be a successful yoga teacher.

What if I can’t make some of the classes?

Even the best made plans can change – life happens.  So, make sure your course offers you comprehensive documentation, online student assistance and opportunities to work through the work you may have missed.  Good training programs often include study buddies and mentoring.  Talk to the course advisors to make sure that the times offered for the course suit your needs and what time commitment you would need to make. You also want to think about the support you get after you graduate.  The best colleges offer mentoring and support programs with continuing professional development for their new graduates.

Will the course teach me how to run my own business?

People do not magically appear on the mat when you start a new business, book the local hall or put on a class in your lounge room.  Look for a course that includes elements of business training, marketing, self-promotion and business administration. When starting a business, you need to know all about latest work health and safety policies as well as your rights and responsibilities as a yoga teacher.  You should also insist on a course that gives you a thorough knowledge of the human body and a basic understanding common health issues.  This is a must for anyone working with people and will help you deal with the variety of people in your classes.

What style of yoga should I choose?

Consider a style of yoga that is more than just a simple sequence of moves, or the latest fad. There has been a strong increase in demand for remedial therapeutic styles of yoga giving graduates the opportunity to work outside the fitness industry.   Choose a course that is accredited with the Australian Skills Council of Australia as this will also open up career paths for continued education in the complementary health care industry.

What about online yoga teacher training?

There are hundreds of quick and online courses claiming that this is all you need to become a yoga teacher.  They seem an affordable option in relation to cost and time. However, most of these courses don’t give you the actual experience you need to become a safe and successful yoga teacher.  A good teacher training program should give you experience teaching in a supervised and supportive environment.  It should include your personal practise and all the added costs involved when teaching including first aid certificates, and the skills you need to register with industry associations making you eligible for insurance coverage.

What is the best way to pay for the course?

Registered training organisations offer interest free monthly instalment plans that make the training a more affordable option.  If it is a local studio or teacher offering training and demanding upfront payments, make sure that you check how safe your study program fees are before signing up.

How good do I need to be at yoga to do a yoga teacher training?

Your own yoga is not the most important part of becoming a yoga teacher.  Over the years we have had people start the teacher training that have had little experience with their own personal yoga, but a huge desire the help others.  These are often our best teachers as their focus it not on themselves, but sharing the yoga with their clients.

I have an injury, can I do a Yoga course?

Don’t let anything stop you from doing something you love.  Yoga teachers are just normal people, with their own injuries, habits (good and bad) and physical restrictions.  Think of it this way, if you have had a bad back, you will have more understanding and empathy for your client than someone who has not experienced back pain.

I am pregnant, or want to get pregnant. Will this stop me from doing the Yoga Teacher Training?

The great thing about Remedial Yoga is that you can practise right up until the day you give birth.  It is safe and is also recommended for women to do while they are pregnant. Don’t forget, our have been running for many years and will be for years to come, so you can transfer to later accredited training courses when you have had the baby.

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