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Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy

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yoga detox
  • Detoxing with Remedial Yoga Therapy has twice the impact
  • Remove toxins in a safe and effective environment
  • Programs with daily support and access to natural therapists
  • Suggested flexible diet plans
  • Daily wholefood (macrobiotic) recipes
  • Yoga videos and/or personalised remedial yoga prescriptions


Our YogaBODY Detoxification Programs offer you a natural method for cleansing the body and boosting immunity getting you well on the way to the yoga body your’re looking for.

Your body absorbs toxins everyday through your skin, through the food you eat and the air that you breathe.  Your liver is responsible for helping you filter these toxins from your blood and the only way to cleanse the liver is to limit what it has to deal with over a short semi-fasting period.

Semi-fasting simply means that you will be removing a food group every one or two days and then give the body 72 hours to adjust.  After that short period you will begin to reintroduce these food groups back into your diet with mindfulness.  Along with these focussed dietary changes you will practise Remedial Yoga postures and movements that are well-suited to detoxifying the organs, whilst maintaining muscle and joint function.

By joining one of our YogaBODY programs you will have access to our accredited yoga and natural therapists who will be with you every step of the way, supporting you whilst you cleanse and heal your body.  All our programs include daily check-ins, support access with dietary suggestions and menu plans.

Get the right advice to detox your body and support it through our specialized Liver and Kidney support YogaBODY programs.

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