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yoga workshops


Many of our client’s come to us at the end of a class asking for help with general health issues, aches and pains.

Every month we target one of these issues in a two hour workshop of remedial yoga therapy that focuses on balancing the whole body and how you can take control of your health maintenance.

You don’t need to be a super yogi – beginners are always welcome.

  •  Learn how to care for your body through breath & movement
  •  Advance your body awareness & yoga practise
  •  Discover more about your body & how it works
  •  Make real changes in a fun and supportive setting
  •  Great way for yoga teachers to stay well with CPD Certificate


3pm – 5pm – one Saturday per month

19th August 2017 Get Your Energy Back

Remedial Yoga Therapy

Yoga may not be the first thing that comes to mind when your are sinking into an afternoon slump or waking up bleary-eyed after a late night.

But movement and deep breathing might whilst doing an invigorating Sun Salutation or Standing Postures could be just what you need to help fight fatigue.

Because we know that yoga is an excellent natural energy-booster.
Yoga works to improve oxygen levels and unblocking energy along the spine. It bring what the yogis call prana, or ‘life force,’ into the back and all these areas of the body through breath and movement.
It awakes the circulatory system and with it the nervous system — basically bringing new energy and life into the body.

Active poses that stimulate the blood flow through the body can help combat fatigue and boost feelings of vitality, and might also help to counter some of the effects of long periods of sitting.

This Remedial Yoga Workshop will work to stretch out back and leg muscles, elongating the spine, it energising the the nervous system.  It will incorporate back bends that will work to strengthen you back but also open up chest muscles, allowing the lungs to work freely.  So for a healthy heart and increased O2 levels…

$50 for all the energy you can handle

9th September 2017 Improve your Digestion

Remedial Yoga Therapy

Common digestive problems include heartburn/GERD, IBD, and IBS. Symptoms may include bloating, diarrhoea, gas, stomach pain, and stomach cramps.

Treatment often includes a combination of medication and lifestyle changes, but you can take more control of your body and the way it digests food with yoga.

This Remedial Yoga Therapy workshop will work through specialised digestive moves to get things moving at optimal pace, allowing for better absorption and metabolism.
Learn a few ‘take home’ moves that will help relieve discomfort as well, giving you the tools you need to keep your digestion healthy and happy.  There will also be discussion on foods that aid digestion and food combining techniques that really work, so

$50 for a better belly

14th October 2017 Improve Hip Functionality
Remedial Yoga Therapy
The hip joint is a strong joint that is designed for repeated motion, bearing weight and a fair amount of wear and tear.  It is the largest ball-and-socket joint in the body and allows for fluid movement and standing.
Whether you are getting up out of a chair or going for a jog, whenever you use the hip a cushion of cartilage helps prevent friction as the hip bone moves in its socket.

Despite its size and relative durability, the hip joint isn’t indestructible. With age and use, the cartilage can wear down or become damaged.  The muscles and tendons in the hip can get overused, or become imbalanced, all of which can lead to aches and often sharp pain in the hip.

If you would like to improve the health of your hips this Remedial Yoga Therapy workshop will give you the yoga tools you need to achieve hip pain relief.


$50 for your health hip yoga toolkit

25th November 2017 Improve That Pelvic Floor

Remedial Yoga TherapyPelvic floor muscle fitness is affected by a number of things including:

  • not keeping them active or over working them
  • being pregnant and having babies
  • a history of back pain
  • ongoing constipation and straining to empty the bowels
  • being overweight, obese or having a body mass index (BMI) over 25
  • heavy lifting (e.g. at work or the gym)
  • a chronic cough or sneeze, including those linked to asthma, smoking or hayfever
  • previous injury to the pelvic region (e.g. a fall, surgery or pelvic radiotherapy), and
  • growing older.

Although it is hidden from view, your pelvic floor muscles can be consciously controlled and therefore trained, much like your arm, leg or abdominal (tummy) muscles.

This Remedial Yoga Therapy workshop will show you how strengthening your pelvic floor muscles will help you to actively support your bladder and bowel and often reduce lower back pain.

We will also give you a number of ‘take home’ exercises because, just like any other muscles in your body, your pelvic floor muscles will become stronger with a regular exercise program. This workshop is for both men and women.


$50 for a tip top pelvic floor


Say NO to Lower Back Pain

Remedial Yoga Therapy

We get up and sit down to have a coffee and breakfast then out to the car to sit down and drive to work.

We get to work and most of us sit down at their desk where they will stay most of the morning until they get up to have lunch.

We also know it is better to sit whilst you eat lunch, and then we return to the office to sit all afternoon until we sit back in the care or train to get home. Exhausted after a long day we sit down to eat our evening meal and the sit back on the comfy lounge to watch our favourite TV show.

That’s a lot of sitting.

Now if we look at it from an anatomical standpoint these hours of sitting will shorten the hamstring and the illiopsoas muscles putting strain on the strain on the lower back.

Most of us do not engage our core muscles when sitting so this also reflects a weakness into the back.

But I’m an Athlete, and My Back Still Hurts

Many of us do not complete these sitting marathons every day, we play sport and workout, so why the lower back pain? Most weight-bearing sport or exercise that involves running, jumping, or rapid dynamic movements produces tension on the lower back. When these activities are repeated over time without balanced core strength and the stretching and releasing these tight muscles, overuse injuries are common.

This Remedial Yoga Therapy workshop will have a positive effect on athletes and couch potatoes alike.  Learn how to stretch properly without over straining and how to build core muscles strength that will aid the stability of your spine and hips – for work, rest and play.


$50 for a Strong & Healthy Lower Back

Manage the Stress

Remedial Yoga TherapySomewhere along the line you may have decided that yoga is not for you. You have heard how great it is for stress management, but hey, you can barely touch your toes.

And meditate?  Last time you tried it you got the giggles cause someone had fallen asleep and was snoring.  Not really the Zen thing to do, but more common that you think.

Remedial Yoga Therapy is not about how well you can stand on your head or twist your body into a human pretzel.  It is about working out what your body can actually do.  If you are focused on moving, breathing and getting the right feeling then there is no time to think about the deadline at work or how you are going to juggle the kids sport pickups.

Through specialised movements and controlled breathing exercises remedial yoga will help reduce stress and tension, increased strength, balance and flexibility, stability blood pressure and reduced cortisol levels.

Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone.  Scientists have known for years that elevated cortisol levels: interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function and bone density, increase weight gain, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease.

So why wait – Stress relief is not a myth.

Stiff Shoulder & Wrist Relief

Stiff shoulders are all too common, and tight sore wrists are not just for the mouse potatoes amongst us.

Remedial Yoga TherapyRemedial yoga therapists successfully treat these modern ailments without the need for painful injections, and this workshop can show you how.

Painless Shoulders & Wrists 

Neck Repair

  • TinRemedial Yoga Therapygling fingers
  • Numbness
  • Heavy arms
  • Muscle pain
  • Headaches
  • Reduced range of motion

These common symptoms are often a result of the incorrect neck alignment.

But more often we here that this is corrected by neck adjustment therapies but then returns, sometimes within days.

This workshop will help you use yoga postures and movements to discover why this keeps on happening and how to stop the cycle of pain and discomfort.

12 people discovered how Japanese Remedial Yoga can be your pathway to a Healthier Neck 

Tight & Tired

Muscled tension and fatigue is often the result of the body not working correctly and efficiently.  It can also be the cause and effect of

  • High stress & anxiety levels
  • Incorrect functioning of body organs
  • Sleeplessness
  • Incorrect recovery from injury
  • Low energy levels

The ‘Tight & Tired’ workshop will                    hit your reset button for renewed energy.

Enjoy the yoga while we work to isolate the source of your muscle tension then redirect that excess energy to other areas of the body.  Decreasing stress in overworked muscles has the added bonus of reducing lethargy and increasing vital energy levels.

22 people found renewed energy & muscle relief in this January workshop

Yoga for Strong & Healthy Hips

Many people who start doing yoga in order to fix their tight hips often feel that traditional yoga asanas actually make it feel a bit worse.

If this sounds familiar, then this workshop is just what you need.

Remedial Yoga Therapy is all about rethinking the way you move because it is that way that you currently walk, run and sit that made your hips unhealthy in the first place.

By changing these bad “muscle memory” habits you can relieve sore hips, psoas syndrome, sciatica, tight knees, bursitis, arthritis and lower back pain.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL as there are VERY limited spaces.

 $50 / session
Improve your Inversions

This 2 hour remedial workshop with Lisa Masters will work your body through the essential lead up moves so that you feel more comfortable when you are upside down.

In Japanese Remedial Yoga Inversion Postures are the key to staying young. They positively affect your endocrine and nervous system through spinal correction and even improve your metabolism.

Go on, bring a friend and enjoy an afternoon of yoga that will build your confidence in what many people find daunting postures in a yoga class.

Pelvic Floor

The fourth in a series of ten workshops for all yoga lovers, aimed at helping you gain greater control of your pelvic floor.
Lisa Masters will guide you through 2 hours of Remedial Yoga Therapy to help you build core strength, reduce back aches and perfect your pelvic floor.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL as there are VERY limited spaces.

* $50 / session
* Alternatively, pre-pay for the series and get one free.

For more information call us on 9817 0078 or email 🙂

Healthy Knees Remedial Yoga Therapy Workshop

When you become imbalanced your knees know it!

Lisa Masters will help you rethink every step you take to realign the way you walk, run and stand bringing greater strength and flexibility to one of the bodies most complicated joints.

StretchIT, Forward & Backbends

Can you touch your toes?

StretchIT, Forward & Backbends workshop is designed to help reduce the stresses put on the body through the work, sport, sleep patterns and the eating habits of our busy lifestyles.

To balance these areas we look to the forward bends and back bends.  Remedial yoga therapy will target areas of stress to relieve symptoms and build strength in areas not working to optimum levels.

Back Bends are exhilarating moves that teach us to be kind to our bodies.

  • improve the overall functionality of the body
  • reduce tightness in the chest and front of thighs
  • loosen hips and tight inner thighs
  • Join Lisa Masters in this 2 hours workshop on

Forward Bends prove to be some of the hardest postures in yoga practise as they include the use of all the biggest muscles groupings, so if one is overworked, the others muscles groups will reflect this.   Tightness in these areas means that our body’s have to work harder to perform the most basic of tasks and this is tiring and sometimes even painful.  Getting your forward bends right will help

  • open hips
  • reduce stress on pelvis
  • relax your nervous system
  • allows for calmness

3-5pm Saturday the 27th February 2016

Neck & Shoulder Stress Relief Workshop

Many of us do not even realise how tight our neck and shoulders are.  Tight neck and shoulders seem to be a bi-product of our everyday lives.

Well it doesn’t have to be.

The focus of this workshop is to learn how to engage other muscles groups to relieve the stress that we put on our poor neck and shoulders.

Lisa Masters will be helping you to recognise the symptoms and long term changes that this stress is doing to your body and spinal alignment.  You will work through remedial yoga exercises over the duration of the 2 hour workshop and get some easy take-away exercises to help you relieve stress at work and at home.

“Even if I cant make it to classes on a regular basis, I never miss a workshop.  They improve my yoga and I get some real changes in my body, ones that last.” Hannah M.

$50 per session or see our workshop posting for package discounts.  Prepaid bookings are a must for these popular workshops.  Call 9817 0078 and have your credit card handy.

“I thought that I just had to live with the constant ache in my back.  This workshop showed me how to look after it and over the last six months I haven’t needed to see my chiropractor once”  James K.

Every time I do one of Lisa’s workshops I find that there is a change in me” Donna R.

“Lisa expands my personal yoga knowledge and understanding of my body which improves my yoga teaching – what a great way to get CPD points” Carol

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