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Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy


Classes are back from Monday 17 May!

Thank you all for being so patient while we took some time out to put all of your ideas into action.

Our doors will reopen at 6 am this Monday Morning with a 45 min Power Yoga Class with Elysha. Come and celebrate with us and enjoy this class for FREE! We know how hard times have been for our community and want to make yoga accessible for everyone. So we now have more classes, more teachers and passes that give you more flexibility and choice.

Check out our new Timetable & Specialised Classes

A new Corporate Warrior Flow/Japanese Yoga class at 6 pm every Wednesday
Women’s Health Classes (great for natal) on Tuesday night at 6.30 pm
Stretch & Balance for Executives at the no-excuse time of 8 am

And there is more to come…

Our 5 week Mum’s n Bub’s classes start Friday 28 May at 10.30 am

Our first Multi-lingual class will start Friday 18 June with a Hatha/Japanese Yoga Session in English/Mandarin/Cantonese

45 min Persian Yoga (you gotta try it) sessions starting on Saturdays from 3 July at 7.30 am

Interested in Movement Yoga Therapy? Daytime Meditation? Stay Tuned

You can see how much each class is when you book here.

Our $5 classes are taught by one of our trainee teachers
$10 classes are taught by a newly graduated teacher
$15 classes are for our more experienced teachers
With $20 specialised class taught by a senior yoga teacher

Whichever class you choose, the points will be deducted from either your $50, $100, or $200 pass.

If you still have credits on your old pass the $ value has now been transferred to your new pass.

We have also extended all pass expiry dates to six months from the purchase date which means you don’t have to put your passes on hold during your holiday breaks.

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