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Remedial Yoga Therapy – your health maintenance solution

We specialise in a Japanese yoga style known as Remedial Yoga Therapy.  The very nature of Remedial Yoga Therapy is perfect for this modern society as it not only works to correct the strength, flexibility and functionality of our body, but also has psycho-therapeutic value.

Your body wants to be well – all you have to do is tap into your own natural ability to heal yourself.  

Our online class subscription package will give you unlimited access to seasonal classes so you can enjoy a class anytime you like, and as many times as you want to.  It also means that you do not have to be there on your mat at home at the exact times of our studio classes for live streaming. 

The Choice is Yours

All our classes are recorded with everyday people (not super yogis) with the focus on the yoga and how we can help you feel healthier and happier

For $49 per month for a minimum of 3 months subscription you will receive a link to register on the College of Therapy Yoga (COTY) online learning portal. Here you will find classes for morning and night, beginners, classes for specific results like building your immune system, neck and shoulders, healthy hips, gentle stretch, breathing and many more. Call 02 9817 0078 to arrange your link.

Once registered you will have access to a selection of videos 24/7 that will change over the month to keep your yoga balanced and appropriate to the season – the Remedial Yoga Way.

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