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Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy

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Yoga classes situated in the heart of the Sydney metro

Yoga for Beginners

New to Yoga?

or new to The Yoga House and looking for that meridian experience?

We offer various passes to suit all budgets and which allow you to try out our different classes/teachers.

Click here and find out more about our Prices & Payments.

To book, simply click here to see our Class Timetable

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No Lock-in Contracts!

We don’t need to lock you into contracts because we know that if you try one of our classes, you will love Japanese Remedial Yoga and want to come back and see us again on the mat!

Accredited & Qualified Yoga Teachers

Our teachers are certified in Japanese Yoga and Remedial Yoga Therapy with the qualifications and experience you deserve. Learn and practise as a individual, even when you are in a class, with adjustments given to all clients when required.

No Chanting. No Religion. No Mirrors. No Levitation.

We suggest you start with a Beginners Class and be guided and supported with all the essential things you need to know to enjoy yoga safely.

This way we know you can relax and allow us to help you balance your mind and body.

A bit Yoga-Shy?  Our senior level teachers offer one-on-one session to ensure your first experience is perfect for you.

To get a bit more information, feel free to call on (02) 9817 0078 or email

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