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  • over 50 years combined experience
  • Situated in the heart of the Sydney metropolitan area just 9 kms from the CBD
  • We breath, we eat, we move and adapt to our environment.

We specialise in Japanese Yoga – that’s what we do!

All day, every day, and we love it. All we want is to help people get the most out of every class – and we have the training and expertise to do more

We have over 50 years combined experience and run programs to help other teachers and students with their continued professional education whilst working with them to improve their own yoga practice.

Our team of teachers, natural therapists and practitioners are here to help our clients with preventative health maintenance through Remedial Yoga Therapy, wholefood nutritional advice, massage, acupuncture, zen shiatsu, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We have the experience and approach you want in your yoga teacher. We will be there to monitor and guide you, ensuring safe practising techniques with focus on correct breathing, positioning and movement.

We breath, we eat, we move and adapt to our environment.

YOU can control all of these things to promote change – and our teachers’ will be there to support you every step of the way. Come and try Japanese Yoga for yourself to enjoy yoga at your own level to bring appropriate focus on self-healing, body and mind balance and true health.

Situated in the heart of the Sydney metropolitan area just 9 kms from the CBD, The Yoga House caters for clients from the inner west, lower north shore, western suburbs and the hills district.

Come in, relax and feel the welcome smiles of our fun and dynamic team of accredited yoga teachers and practitioners who will support and encourage you with your yoga practice and be on hand with any lifestyle and wholefood nutrition advice as well.

Our studio is dedicated to Japanese Yoga, a therapeutic style that interprets traditional Yoga into modern thinking and integrates the practice with western medicine, zen shiatsu and five element theories. We use the way we breathe and the way we move to alter or correct structural and functional imbalances in the body. We make you feel good!

Our yoga facilities are light and airy, peacefully secluded from the busy world outside. In addition to our classes we hold regular workshops, meditation classes, specialised therapy posture clinics.

The Natural Element Clinic is also part of our health centre, with natural therapy and TCM practitioners offering services to compliment your yoga practice and healthy lifestyle choices.

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