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Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy

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  • Diverse classes for all levels of experience
  • Calm and inspiring class settings
  • Accredited Remedial Yoga Teachers & Therapists
  • Personalised attention to keep you balanced and safe

At The Yoga House, we care deeply about what we do and how you feel as a result.  Our philosophy is that we are here to make people feel good.  It’s a simple as more

A unique yoga health care centre with a team of specialised accredited Yoga Teachers & Yoga Therapists who teach and share Japanese Yoga & Remedial Yoga Therapy.  That’s not to say we don’t love the classics blending our classes with Hatha, flow, and other traditional styles as well as movement, exercise physiology with the aim to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

How do we offer our classes at such great prices?

The Yoga House is part of our teaching college, COTY where the students and graduates of our Japanese, Remedial Yoga, and Therapy Yoga Teacher Training courses get the experience they need by offering classes that are priced according to their level of experience.  We think that this is a win-win situation for our community and studio and hope to see you on the mat soon.

Our passes are also set up to give you the choice of what classes you want to attend.  You choose whether the class you attend is with a senior level yoga teacher or a student, whatever suits you on the day.  Great yoga with the flexibility to suit your budget and busy lifestyles, that’s our promise to you.

We all love yoga……… we are all here to help you love it too.


Remedial Yoga Teacher & Therapist

I began my yoga journey in 2016 & haven’t looked back. From teaching group classes,more...

  private therapy sessions, corporate classes, to high school students, I can genuinely say “Yoga Therapy” can be done by anyone, anywhere. I bring my passion for therapy yoga to each class giving every individual their own unique yoga experience.

Teaching classes in alignment with our seasons gives a higher therapeutic result to each client:- bringing overall balance, improved breathing, releasing stress or tension, relieving pain or injuries, and natal care.  And the benefits are for life.

Yoga has changed my overall well-being so I can help you make real changes as well by not only building your strength & improving your flexibility but by offering an environment where you will feel welcome, safe & supported.  We can work together on our wellness journey for better health.


Remedial Yoga Teacher & Therapist

There is nothing more satisfying than teaching a class and then hearing how much better your clients feel when the hour is up. more...

But that’s what our yoga does and why I love not only doing yoga myself but also teaching it. We all walk onto the mat feeling one way and leave feeling totally different – mind and body.

I discovered yoga and The Yoga House after a period of illness and could not believe how much better it made me feel. Without being dramatic, it truly saved me. At that stage, and even now, yoga keeps me on track both mentally and physically. I really notice if I miss my own practice and I constantly revisit the things that I have learned about myself (mind), my body, and how they feed and sustain each other to keep me balanced. The yoga I shared at The Yoga House told me it was time to learn more about ME……

I was so excited to graduate in 2018 with Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching and I was lucky enough to be able to start my teaching journey in the studio with community classes. From there I had the opportunity to start teaching general classes and now manage the studio as well. Every class is different, and it is so rewarding to see the changes people can make through even one class a week. I am meeting new people all the time and I am learning every day how to help and encourage people to reach and maintain their health goals. Yoga has also given me the opportunity to work with some lovely people, from experienced yogis to beginners, from teenagers to the more elderly, this style of yoga will give something to everyone.


Japanese & Persian Yoga Teacher, Exercise Physiologist

Yoga moves are just a way to access the body within.  Dominic brings a combination of Eastern and Western training more...

and movement therapy principles to the mat with a background in the Japanese martial art of Aikido as well as a Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Dominic’s classes are grounding and meditative, encouraging the student to develop awareness and learn from the inner teacher.

Although Dominic now mainly practices the Japanese style of yoga, he still enjoys a traditional asana every now and then as he first began his journey on the mat with Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga.  Dominic enjoys sharing this with students in class to help them apply principles learnt from Japanese Yoga.


Remedial Yoga, Natal & Mum's n Bub's Teacher

Yoga has always been there for me.  It has supported my physical and emotional health for over half my life.more...

Through my teens, studies, travel, work, and now in motherhood.

It doesn’t care how perfect my down dog is, or how many sit-ups I can do – I just have to show up, give it a go and I will always feel better after class… guaranteed!

I am so grateful that I can step onto the mat and share that feeling with others, and hopefully pass on a little of the joy, magic (and happy joints!) that The Yoga House has given me. 


Remedial Yoga & Flow Movement Teacher

Working 12 years in the corporate world I understand the need for movement and making time for your body.  more...

I love to power up in the morning and feel strong, combining dance fluidity and movement into all my classes.  Come wake up the right way!


Japanese Remedial Yoga Teacher

Come along, my friends, let’s yoga! The union of body and mind is the key to Yoga. more...

My yoga journey started ten years ago and during the period I have tried different types of yoga and with a few different teachers. what left with me in the teaching are those not only working for my body but also my mind.  My focus is to bring health to my yoga friends and I enjoy giving and watching them improving every week. 


When I first started at The Yoga House I never intended to teach, more...

  I was from the corporate world and yoga teaching was not even on my radar.  But I went to just one class and I was hooked.  I liked it so much I started teaching back in 2000, simply because I wanted to help others feel the way yoga made me feel. I want everyone who lays down on the mat to understand that is okay not being able to do the perfect headstand, balance or twist.  Because its not all about how well you can do a headstand its how you feel while trying. 


I spent the last 25 years in the corporate sector working professionally more...

 with all the stress and pressures that world offers. Along the way, I had started a family and added more juggling and different stressors. A friend suggested I try yoga to help relieve some of my pent up frustrations, start to breath properly, strengthen and tone my body. Yoga enables me to live life to the fullest by feeling strong and flexible. I love sharing the yoga experience with a diversity of people in my class, teaching and helping them feel better about themselves is exactly why I became a teacher.

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