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  • Diverse classes for all levels of experience
  • Calm and inspiring class settings
  • Experienced teaching and mentoring

We are a specialist team of registered Yoga Teachers & accredited Yoga Therapists who teach and share Japanese Yoga & Remedial Yoga Therapyread more

At The Yoga House we care deeply about what we do and how you feel as a result.  Our team is led by three yoga teaching owners who are dedicated to making people feel good.  It’s a simple as that.

Lisa Masters, Registered Senior Level Japanese Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner, Zen Shiatsu and Oriental Therapist, Yoga Teacher Trainer and Assessor and Director of the College.

Lyn Keogh, Registered Senior Level Japanese Yoga Teacher & Accredited Remedial Yoga Therapist, Mentor & Yoga Teacher Assessor and Trainer and Director and CEO of RTO45020, College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu.

Genevieve Duff (nee Paton), Registered Level 2 Japanese Yoga Teacher & Remedial Yoga Therapist, Trainer, Assessor and Public Relations Director of Training of our College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu.


Leading a team of Japanese & Remedial Yoga Teachers, Provisional Japanese Yoga Teachers (Students & Graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training Programs), we are all Yoga Australia Registered and constantly strive to keep ourselves at the highest professional level in our industry.

We all love yoga……… we are all here to help you love it too.


When I first started at The Yoga House I never intended to teach, more...

  I was from the corporate world and yoga teaching was not even on my radar.  But I went to just one class and I was hooked.  I liked it so much I started teaching back in 2000, simply because I wanted to help others feel the way yoga made me feel. I want everyone who lays down on the mat to understand that is okay not being able to do the perfect headstand, balance or twist.  Because its not all about how well you can do a headstand its how you feel while trying. 


I spent the last 25 years in the corporate sector working professionally more...

 with all the stress and pressures that world offers. Along the way, I had started a family and added more juggling and different stressors. A friend suggested I try yoga to help relieve some of my pent up frustrations, start to breath properly, strengthen and tone my body. Yoga enables me to live life to the fullest by feeling strong and flexible. I love sharing the yoga experience with a diversity of people in my class, teaching and helping them feel better about themselves is exactly why I became a teacher.


Most people go to work, end up stressed, and have to go to yoga to feel more...

better. I get paid to not only make other people feel better, but feel better myself every single day. I have been teaching for over 20 years and still feel just as excited and enthusiastic about teaching my classes as the day I started. In fact, I love it so much that my main passion now is to inspire new generations of people from all walks of life to become great teachers who love their yoga, and love teaching others to love yoga too. 


I do yoga so I can eat more cheesecake. more...

 Just kidding. I do yoga because it makes me feel great. I teach yoga because I know it is something anyone can do (Ive had a 4yr old & a 70yr old in the same class), and everyone deserves to feel the benefits of yoga. Ive practised with the Yoga House for over 10 years, and been teaching with them for the last 4 years, so I figure if you stay with a place that long and broaden your career with them too, they must be alright!


My yoga journey commenced 14 years ago when I more...

attended my first class at the Yoga House with my then 3 month old baby girl . At that time I was dealing with the usual challenges that a new mother faces and was struggling with getting my body and mind back into shape.  After my first class I felt an instant sense of well being and I decided that I was coming  back for more! The energy at the yoga house was one of acceptance and support, together with an acknowledgement and understanding that we all live busy lifestyles that easily get out of balance. 


Yoga moves are just a way to more...

access the body within.

Dominic brings a combination of Eastern and Western training and movement therapy principles to the mat with a background in the Japanese martial art of Aikido as well as a Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Dominic’s classes are grounding and meditative, encouraging the student to develop awareness and learn from the inner teacher.

Although Dominic now mainly practices the Japanese style of yoga, he still enjoys a traditional asana every now and then as he first began his journey on the mat with Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga.  Dominic enjoys sharing this with students in class to help them apply principles learnt from Japanese Yoga.


I love Japanese Remedial Yoga because more...

it’s dynamic and intelligent – it changes with the seasons and it’s right for the condition I’m in at the time. It keeps me in tune with nature and balanced, body and mind.

I did the teacher training initially to improve my own practice but the more I learned and practised, the more I wanted to share the gift of yoga with others.

I started teaching yoga here at The Yoga House in 2014 and I haven’t looked back. I’ve enjoyed teaching a range of students, from physio clients, young netballers, office workers to expectant mums. What is most rewarding about teaching yoga is the sense of calm and strength I see in students after each and every class. The change that even one class can bring out in you is the beauty of yoga.


I not only love teaching Japanese Yoga, more...

 but love my own practise, whether it is at home or in the studio at The Yoga House.

I continue to learn at every class I attend and feel absolutely fantastic at the end of a class. I began the teaching training March 2016 as I wanted to learn the correct way to practice the art and change not just my life, but the lives of others and continue my education to this day through the fantastic guidance of the staff there.

I have seen my health and that of many others improve in a way that no doctor could help me with in the 3 years prior to starting yoga. I look forward to continuing teach, practise and expand my knowledge on Japanese Remedial Yoga and meeting new people to share my passion with.


I LOVE the way you feel when you’ve done a class, more...

 how your body responds to the yoga and if I can help someone else enjoy that feeling of ‘wellness’ then I am happy!

Working with professional athletes over the years as a qualified Nutrition and Athlete Wellbeing counsellor, I started studying Japanese Remedial Yoga to expand my understanding of the body and completed my Advanced Diploma in Japanese Therapy Yoga in 2015.

Now I enjoy various yoga teaching experiences including morning classes, beginners, over 55’s  and general classes. 


Working with seniors and the less mobile more...

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