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about the yoga house


Our mission is simple,

We want to make you feel good.

Whilst some yoga classes leave you feeling flat, frustrated and a little achy, our yoga teachers will ensure you leave the class feeling light, invigorated and happy.

Every class will be different because every day is different.  We change the yoga to suit the season, the weather, the time of day and most importantly to suit you and our clients on our mats. read more...

If you are looking for a form of yoga that is dynamic, that gives you an instant feeling of achievement and one that will make lasting effects on your health and body, then try Remedial Yoga Therapy.

This is a Japanese based yoga that works with the body’s natural energy systems.  This YOGAtherapy rebalances the body by strengthening weaknesses and relieving overstressed and overworked muscles and joints.

Nothing makes you feel quite as good as this unique blend of yoga, breathing and body energy movement.

At The Yoga House we teach yoga, that’s what we do.  All day, every day, and we love it.   All we want is to help you get the most out of every class – and we have the training, expertise and passion to do it.

See you on the mat,

Lisa, Lyn & Genevieve


Situated in the heart of the Sydney metropolitan area just 9 kms from the CBD, The Yoga House caters for clients from the inner west, lower north shore, western suburbs and the hills district.

Come in, relax and feel the welcome smiles of our fun and dynamic team of accredited yoga teachers and practitioners who will support and encourage you with your yoga practice and be on hand with any lifestyle and wholefood nutrition advice as well.  read more

Our studio is dedicated to Remedial Yoga, a Japanese therapeutic style that interprets traditional Yoga into modern thinking and integrates the practice with western medicine, zen shiatsu and five element theories.  We use the way we breathe and the way we move to alter or correct structural and functional imbalances in the body.  We make you feel good!

Our yoga facilities are light and airy, a welcome escape from the busy world outside.   In addition to our regular timetabled classes we hold regular workshops,  specialised therapy posture clinics and one-on-one remedial yoga sessions.

The Natural Therapies Clinic is also part of our health centre, with natural therapy and TCM practitioners offering services to compliment your yoga practice and healthy lifestyle choices.


YOU can control all of these things to promote change and our teachers will be there to support you every step of the way.  Come and try Remedial Yoga Therapy for yourself. 


When I first started at The Yoga House I never intended to teach, more...

  I was from the corporate world and yoga teaching was not even on my radar.  But I went to just one class and I was hooked.  I liked it so much I started teaching back in 2001, simply because I wanted to help others feel the way yoga made me feel. I want everyone who lays down on the mat to understand that is okay not being able to do the perfect headstand, balance or twist.  Because its not all about how well you can do a headstand its how you feel while trying. 


I spent the last 25 years in the corporate sector working professionally more...

 with all the stress and pressures that world offers. Along the way, I had started a family and added more juggling and different stressors. A friend suggested I try yoga to help relieve some of my pent up frustrations, start to breath properly, strengthen and tone my body. Yoga enables me to live life to the fullest by feeling strong and flexible. I love sharing the yoga experience with a diversity of people in my class, teaching and helping them feel better about themselves is exactly why I became a teacher.


Most people go to work, end up stressed, and have to go to yoga to feel more...

better. I get paid to not only make other people feel better, but feel better myself every single day. I have been teaching for over 20 years and still feel just as excited and enthusiastic about teaching my classes as the day I started. In fact, I love it so much that my main passion now is to inspire new generations of people from all walks of life to become great teachers who love their yoga, and love teaching others to love yoga too. 


Almost 70 but feeling 40, thanks to yoga!! more...

In my 50s I found I had some time to spare after spending many years involved with sports. I had always thought yoga was wrapping your legs around your head, eating nothing but tofu, and living in a commune but still decided to give yoga a try anyway. I walked past The Yoga House one day, took a deep breath and went in for a class. My wonderful journey started then.


I love yoga.  Its a great way to live. I love practising more...

yoga, learning about yoga, talking about yoga, and I LOVE teaching yoga.I practice yoga to be happy and balanced.  I like teaching because its interesting and fun. Theres so much more but I wont rave on. Come along and experience for yourself, see you on the mat!


I do yoga so I can eat more cheesecake. more...

 Just kidding. I do yoga because it makes me feel great. I teach yoga because I know it is something anyone can do (Ive had a 4yr old & a 70yr old in the same class), and everyone deserves to feel the benefits of yoga. Ive practised with the Yoga House for over 10 years, and been teaching with them for the last 4 years, so I figure if you stay with a place that long and broaden your career with them too, they must be alright!


My yoga journey commenced 14 years ago when I more...

attended my first class at the Yoga House with my then 3 month old baby girl . At that time I was dealing with the usual challenges that a new mother faces and was struggling with getting my body and mind back into shape.  After my first class I felt an instant sense of well being and I decided that I was coming  back for more! The energy at the yoga house was one of acceptance and support, together with an acknowledgement and understanding that we all live busy lifestyles that easily get out of balance. 


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