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Yoga Teaching Training Sydney

Yoga Teacher Training & Classes


The very nature of our Remedial Yoga Therapy is perfect for this modern society as it not only works to correct the strength, flexibility and functionality of our body, but also has psycho-therapeutic value. Our body wants to be well – all we have to do it tap into the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.
Diverse classes to fit every fitness and experience level
Attentive and experienced teachers more

Only a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is registered to deliver nationally recognised training and qualifications.

The Yoga House (RTO 45020) is the only registered yoga teacher training organisation able to deliver the government accredited training course 10137NAT Certificate IV in Remedial Yoga Teaching in Australia.

What does this mean?

The Yoga House delivers nationally recognised training in yoga teaching that is accredited in the Health Training Package. These training courses are also registered with Yoga Australia and Yoga more

This means that the qualifications you receive are the highest level in yoga teaching in Australia and internationally recognised as a course set by the Australian Qualification Framework.

To find out more about training organisations and if they are registered to provide nationally recognised training please visit or or ask your student adviser at The Yoga House.

All our programs are registered with Yoga Australia ensuring industry approval and membership guarantees.

The Yoga House, College of Therapy Yoga & Zen Shiatsu. Teaching, training and guiding successful yoga teachers and therapists since 2000 with qualifications that are recognisable all around the world.

Why Train With The Yoga House

Train with us for the knowledge and understanding you need to teach yoga your way – because there is no other way.  Our world class teaching faculty are experts in their field and authors of this unique government accredited program.  As qualified yoga therapists, teachers and experienced educators we understand the path that you are taking and will be there to guide, mentor and support you along the way.

Our graduates are now setting the standards for yoga professionals teaching in the health care and fitness industries because our programs allow you to explore the rich history of yoga and discover the wonder of the human body.  You will be given time to experience firsthand the true meaning of health.

And that is the first thing that what we ask of you, to make yourself well because we know that through your own journey to health you will gain the skills and empathy you need to connect and teach others.  All our programs include training on elemental nutrition for a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy you.

Yoga is a personal practise and teaching comes from your love of yoga and wanting to help others in your community.  It should always be taught from the heart.  That’s why when you train with us you will learn to teach with mindfulness to engage with individuals (even in a group setting).  You will get the tools behind teaching seasonal restorative, dynamic and flow sequences and meridian based yoga moves.  Become skilled in class construction and how to modify classes to suit different people so that you always teach what is appropriate in safe, exciting and fun classes.

‘When one teachers, two learn’ – Robert Half

Our cutting-edge training strategies have not lost sight of the one thing that makes yoga perfect.  You.  Training with us means that you are part of our family in a community of likeminded teachers of different ages, backgrounds, cultures, experiences and passions.  We all teach, assist and learn from each other.  Isn’t that the way yoga is meant to be?


Buy your 1st Yoga Class & Get your 2nd Class FREE

Yoga classes situated in the heart of the Sydney metro


Yoga Classes

Situated in the heart of the Sydney metropolitan area just 9 kms from the CBD, The Yoga House offers a peaceful setting, to inspire you to relax or focus in classes. The ideal setting to begin or continue each yoga journey.

  • Classes can be claimed on your health fund
  • Join a unique yoga community
``Great to see you on Facebook. Cannot speak more highly of the amazingly talented and wonderful Lisa and Lyn. The Yoga House Rocks ! cheers gx``- – Graham Monro
``I feel very blessed to be a part of your Yoga House… it makes me a better me, every single day, and I just love it. Lyn and Lisa are very special to me and my family``- – Bec Newman
``I have got more out of the (yoga) detox program than I could have imagined. it’s given me back 'me' ``- – Sue Frost
``I feel more energetic and happy after class. I sleep better. Yoga days are my best``- – Janice, 72 Seniors Yoga Advocate
``Since suffering a major heart attack in 1999, I spend a lot of my time making sure that I keep a good level of fitness. This includes lots of exercise sessions, watching my diet etc. Recently I decided to start yoga, much to the surprise of my many friends. Many of them said, ‘’no way in the world would you do that Denis,’’ however after having one lesson at beginners class at the Yoga House I appreciated how good it was for me and how much I enjoyed it. I don’t expect to graduate from the beginners class in a hurry, however I’m already feeling it do me a world of good.``- – Denis Hamill


Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions that may help you prepare for your first yoga session.

I have never done yoga before, what should I expect?

There is nothing that you need to do before you try your first class.

We suggest that you try a few beginners’ classes first, where our accredited teachers will be there to help you understand the basic moves and breathing techniques.  We do not meditate or chant in our classes, preferring to use the power of the breath and movements of the body to bring relaxation and focus into your body.

I have tried yoga before, but I’m new to Japanese Yoga?

You will find our yoga dynamic and easy to follow where the postures are broken down into movements designed to bring balance to the body making your practice more effective.  Deepen your understanding and knowledge of the postures and asanas and feel the energy of the meridians and how the it flows and works within the body.  We love our yoga and can’t wait for you to try it!

What should I wear?

Starting anything new can sometimes be a little confronting but all you will need to start yoga is some comfortable, stretchy clothes and you are ready to go.  You will not need another pair of expensive shoes you practice yoga barefoot.

Do I need to bring anything?

We supply clean mats and soft comfy futons all in air conditioned comfort.  You are more than welcome to bring a towel or sarong to lay on, or a yoga towel/mat if you prefer.  There are places to get changed and box shelves in the yoga room where you can leave all your stuff.

Can I eat before class?

As with any sport eating just before a workout can make you feel uncomfortable.  Here are some simple guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your class.

With even the lightest meal, such as fruit or juice, allow at least one hour before class.

For larger meals with vegetables and grains, allow two hours before class.

For heavy meals with meat, allow three to four hours before class.

How much water should I drink?

Japanese Yoga is not done in a heated room, so you can stick to your normal healthy level of water consumption.

Remember that cramping is a sign that your pH level is off kilter.  You may be dehydrated or lack enough good salt in your diet. – as with everything we do, balance is the key.

How often should I come?

To get the most out of yoga, we suggest that you make yoga part of your weekly routine.   With just one or two classes a week you will start to notice a change, start to move a little easier and sleep a little better.

Yoga is not like any other exercise – what changes you make will be with you for life.  You will build on your practice each time you come, building core and body strength with flexibility and focus.

All we ask of you is that you be patient with yourself and remember that we will be helping you every step of the way.

Should I come in the morning or at night?

The yoga that is practiced in the morning will differ from the yoga you do at lunchtime, or at night.  Just as we change our yoga to suit the seasons, we also change it to suit the time of day.

Morning yoga is more aerobic with a faster pace.  You will find that there is less emphasis on stretching and more on moving to build strength, vitality and stamina.  Morning yoga is great for sports training, increasing metabolism rates and assisting in weight loss.  Yoga is a great start to any day and will help you power through the whole day – even that mid-afternoon slump.

As we progress through the day the movements become more focussed.  Night yoga is done at a much slower pace where relaxation and flexibility can be your main focus.  It is all about de-stressing and helping the body unwind for a good night’s sleep.

I’m not very flexible, how can I do yoga?

If your not very flexible, then you definitely should try yoga.   Inflexibility can lead to long term side effects, such as neck and should pain, lower back, hip and knee problems.

Yoga will help you get those stiff joints moving again to relieve that over-tight, overworked feeling in your muscles.   Yoga is surprisingly simple, easy to learn and well worth the effort.

What if I am pregnant?

Japanese yoga can be practiced all the way through your pregnancy and will teach you breathing and focussing techniques invaluable during all stages of pregnancy, birth and post natal recovery.  We also offer specialised natal programs, workshops and private remedial yoga sessions.

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